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Mission Impossible

You mission if you choose to accept, is to find a girl that is athletic, isn't afraid to get physical or to open up.  I don't like the shy type who doesn't try new things.  She has to resonate strength and stability yet be sensitive also.  She has to challenge but compliment me at the same time.  I'm looking for someone who makes me want to be a better person.. to constantly improve myself for her.  Asian is preferred, it's even better if she can speak Vietnamese... 5' 5" and taller is a plus.  No whiners please... and girls that blatantly try to be cute should be omitted.  A sense of humor is required.

God Speed and Good Luck!

Some may say that I have high standards while others say that I'm picky...  the reason that I'm so specific is that I don't want to alter the person I'm with; it should be her decision to change.  I know guys who already have a girlfriend yet they are always *checking out*  other girls.  It's not that I think badly of them; it's just that I don't think the same way.  I believe that if you have someone then there isn't  any need to look elsewhere.  Perhaps I'm just an idealist who will never find his ideal mate, but a long journey only makes the destination more satisfying.