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The UT Mua Lan team (VSA and Walnut Creek Elementary kids)  Can you spot me?  I'm the one with the big oaf on my shoulders, hehe... j/k Mary.

Mua Lan practice at Clarke Field.  Nhan at the head, Phuc (Andy) at the tail with Peter looking on.

Anh Thong and Vinh makes the Lan sit in the air.

Our West Mall performance at UT.  Where am I?  Oh, I had a French class at that time and couldn't make it, really!  Guys from the left: Phong (David), Vinh, Quoc, Phuc (Andy), Chanh, Son (Ong Dia), Kenneth, Nhan, Toan, and Anh Thong (martial arts master).  The girls from the left: Yen, Thu, Mary (Huong) Vo, and Mary (Phuong) Tran.