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a little about me

    Name:    Quyen Duc Luu
    Height:    5' 11''
    Weight:    163 lbs
    Age:    20
    Eyes:    Brown
    Nationality:    3/4Vietnamese, 1/4 Chinese
    Sex:   Damn Straight! ^^

    Resume    GameSpy

        In Vietnamese Quyen means to have right or authority.
If I was to choose an American name it would have to be Will because
they have the same meaning.  And you know "where there's a will there's a way."

What I like:
        food - Vietnamese, Italian, and large portions
       activities - basketball, volleyball, pool, bowling, dancing, working out,
                          conquering my fears, and trying new things
        people who are comfortable being themselves;
     are confident, understanding, generous, and sincere

What impresses me:
        people who - can dance;
                              can't dance, but does it any ways just to have fun;
                              do things regardless of what others think;
                              know what they want

What I dislike:people who act differently just to impress others

Favorite Movies:
       He fights for his lost love; in the process his passion frees his kinsmen and wins the heart of a princess.
        * what girl could resist a guy with a 5 ft. sword? *
       Sports agent goes solo; you really know who's with you when your chips are down.
       * seems like I have a thing for movies with cute actresses,... naw *

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