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Just call me cupid!  Ming to my left and Anthony to my right.  We got painted to support our VSA Girls in the Texas Revue competition.  We asked the girls if they wanted to leave their lipstick mark, but they respectfully  declined, aww snaps!

VSA, it stands for "very sexy asians" or at least it should, hehe.

Peter, Van, and Me after a day of paint balling in the rain.  Can you spot the bumps on our heads?  I'm never gonna play paint ball in the rain again... I couldn't even see my hand!  And I don't believe that I got shot on the forehead while rolling through the river.

This was taken at West Mall (west side of the tower) before the girls' performance. Tommy (To Mi) in black kicking, Toan (VP External) to the bottom left, Vinh (Mr. Prez) bottom right.  This picture is so awesome!  It reminds me of when I used to be an exotic dancer.  Can you spot the "ass"?  I'm talking about the ass on the fan you pervert!  Wait... that can be taken  in more then one way.